Citrus Verbena Fresh Body Milk

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Citrus Verbena Fresh Body Milk


With its icy, glide-on texture, this moisturizing body lotion helps to give a fresh sensation and leaves skin pleasantly scented with the sparkling and fruity notes of citrus fruits and verbena. Contains an extract of organic verbena from Provence, lemon and essential oils, and a grapefruit extract from Italy.


How to use (advanced)
1 - After cleansing, warm a small amount of the product in your hands 2 - Massage into the skin with slow, circular movements, always working from your ankles up 3 - Remember to focus on areas you wish to tighten and firm, such as your thighs and stomach area

Frenquency of use When necessary

Application zone Body

Beauty Tips
Try to sleep at regular hours, avoid stimulants after midday, air out your bedroom, and lower your heating. Beauty is all about sleep--both quality and quantity!


A fresh zest that fills the air along the paths of Provence - it’s unmistakeable. Verbena has a long history of use as a curative plant. It’s often been called the plant of enchantment because its lemony freshness help revive the body and mind. Step into a magical moment with our Verbena collection, which includes fragrances, body and hair care. Verbena


Organic Verbena from Provence Invigorates, soothes
Essential oil of citrus Purifies, invigorates and stimulates
Extract of Italian grapefruit Enlivens
Refreshing agents Provides a feeling of freshness

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    Citrus Verbena Fresh Body Milk

    Citrus Verbena Fresh Body Milk

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    Citrus Verbena Summer Fragrance

    Citrus Verbena Summer Fragrance

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